Rough Diamond Polishing and Cutting Course

  1. Duration of Rough Diamond Polishing and Cutting Course

    It is a 6 month course - full day from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 15:30.

    A two weeks Introduction into the Rough Diamond Polishing and Cutting Course can be arranged separately.

  2. Commencement

    The Rough Diamond Polishing and Cutting Courses will be run as follows:-

    Rough Diamond Marking Courses
    Start DateEnd DateStatus
    01 July 202401 Jul 202413 December 202413 Dec 2024Vacancies

    Please note that courses may be applied for and joined up to two weeks after the start date.

  3. Course Fee
    Deposit R14,000.00
    1st Month R14,000.00
    2nd Month R14,000.00
    Total R42,000.00

    Prices are inclusive of VAT.

    A reduced course fee of R38,000.00 is applicable if all fees are paid into Diamond Education College account prior to or within 2 weeks of the course starting date.

    To ensure personal attention, each course is limited to a maximum of 24 students.

    A registration deposit is payable to secure the student's place. Check availability of course date before paying a deposit. Acceptance will only be confirmed upon receipt of the required deposit paid into our bank account and proof provided.

  4. General Course Objectives
    1. To prepare the student to become proficient in every technique involved in the polishing and cutting of diamonds.
    2. This course gives and develops the skills of the student to a level where he/she will be capable of cutting and polishing a rough diamond to the finished product without supervision or assistance.

  5. Course Outline
    Students will learn:
    1. the correct use of tools and equipment used for processing diamonds;
    2. the setting up a bench and level a scaiffe for polishing diamonds;
    3. techniques on maintenance and balancing of all cutting equipment to ensure top performance for a high standard of work;
    4. how to look and identify the grain on different crystal shapes;
    5. how to look and identify the crystal symmetry, axis, plane, form and habit of diamond crystals;
    6. how to judge and what to look in determining a fine made round brilliant diamond;
    7. how to use the 10X cutters loupe, crown and pavilion gauges, girdle marker, mounting and setting of diamonds in various pots;
    8. how to use both mechanical and semi-automatic tangs and dops;
    9. the correct use of the loupe to identify imperfections and determine the practibility of their removal in elementary procedures;
    10. learning the difference in brilliance as a result of proportions and the qualities required for a well cut diamond;
    11. the blocking a diamond, both crown and pavilion;
    12. cutting crown facets on angle and equidistant from table to girdle, how to measure a table for percentage size;
    13. making all mains on crown into a perfect square of 90 degrees and making the in-between facets (bezels);
    14. cutting the pavilion mains and in-between facets on angle and matching them to the top mains by following the plumb line;
    15. knowledge of the critical angle for both crown and pavilion and variation of table size for maximum brilliance;
    16. brillianteering a diamond, putting the remaining facets on both crown and pavilion;

  6. Certificate

    There will be a practical exam on completion of this course, and the student will receive a certificate stating that they have successfully completed the Rough Diamond Polishing and Cutting Course at the Diamond Education College. The student will be awarded with the Qualification in Diamond Processing.

  7. Applications
    1. Applications must be made well in advance because of the limited number of students that can be accommodated at any specific intake.
    2. Admission is solely at the schools discretion.
    3. Full fee must be paid before commencement of the course.
    4. Fees are not refundable. Postponing of the course is possible only with two weeks advance notice.

  8. Equipment

    All equipment for use during the course will be provided and remain the property of the Diamond Education College.

  9. Accommodation and Transportation

    Students must arrange their own transport and accommodation.

  10. Discipline

    Students will be subject to the disciplinary code of the Diamond Education College. Any student who is in breach of its code will be liable to suspension or expulsion without refund of fees paid.

  11. Language

    The course is presented in English.