Rough Diamond Marking Course

  1. Duration of Rough Diamond Marking Course

    It is a 2 week course - full day from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 14:00.

  2. Commencement

    The Rough Diamond Marking Courses will be run as follows:-

    Rough Diamond Marking Courses
    Start DateEnd DateStatus
    29 August 202229 Aug 202209 September 202209 Sep 2022Vacancies
    12 September 202212 Sep 202223 September 202223 Sep 2022Vacancies
    26 September 202226 Sep 202207 October 202207 Oct 2022Vacancies
    10 October 202210 Oct 202221 October 202221 Oct 2022Vacancies
    24 October 202224 Oct 202204 November 202204 Nov 2022Vacancies
    07 November 202207 Nov 202218 November 202218 Nov 2022Vacancies
    21 November 202221 Nov 202202 December 202202 Dec 2022Vacancies
    05 December 202205 Dec 202216 December 202216 Dec 2022Vacancies
  3. Course Fee

    The course fee is R14,000.00 inclusive of VAT.

    To ensure personal attention, each course is limited to a maximum of two students.

    A registration deposit of 50% is payable to secure the student's place. Check availability of course date before paying a deposit. Acceptance will only be confirmed upon receipt of the required deposit paid into our bank account and proof provided.

  4. General Course Objectives

    To give the student a basic understanding of how to mark a rough diamond for cutting in relation to size, clarity and shape / cut.

  5. Course Outline
    1. Use of equipment.
    2. Marking of rough diamonds:-
      • Drawing lines free-hand
      • Drawing lines using the marking machine
      • Optimising recovery weight
      • Optimising clarity
      • Retaining coulet
      • Pricing
    3. Use of OGI planning scanner & computer.

  6. Certificate

    There will be a practical exam on completion of this course, and the student will receive a certificate stating that they have successfully completed the Rough Diamond Marking Course at the Diamond Education College.

  7. Applications
    1. Applications must be made well in advance because of the limited number of students that can be accommodated at any specific intake.
    2. Admission is solely at the schools discretion.
    3. Full fee must be paid before commencement of the course.
    4. Fees are not refundable. Postponing of the course is possible only with two weeks advance notice.

  8. Equipment

    All equipment for use during the course will be provided and remain the property of the Diamond Education College.

  9. Accommodation and Transportation

    Students must arrange their own transport and accommodation.

  10. Discipline

    Students will be subject to the disciplinary code of the Diamond Education College. Any student who is in breach of its code will be liable to suspension or expulsion without refund of fees paid.

  11. Language

    The course is presented in English.