There has been an explosion of Diamond Industry related Companies on the World Wide Web! You may find some of these of interest. They might have just what you've been looking for!

Check out the following:-

  • ADTEC (Pty) Ltd Creators of the World's Foremost Rough Diamond Guideline Price List & Rough Diamond Parcel Calculator Software.
  • Martin Rapaport's definitive Diamonds.Net site, without a doubt, (currently) the world's best "Diamond Site". This site is a must for anyone who has anything to do with the diamond industry. They have they have the most up-to-date and informative news page available anywhere! Full of interesting snippets on what's happening in the Diamond Industry around the world. It gives great insight into the "politics" of diamonds. Members can download the world-renowned Rapaport Diamond Report (the international de facto standard price list for polished diamonds) from this site. The sight also has a great public forum where anyone in the world can exchange views and information related to diamonds.