A Cut Above The Rest

The Diamond Education College provides education in the fields of Rough Diamond Evaluation, Rough Diamond Marking and Polishing and Cutting.

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Rough Diamond Evaluation

This course teaches you how to sort, grade and evaluate rough diamonds - a must do course for newcomers to the Diamond Industry and for people who wants to obtain a Diamond Dealer Licence (Duration - 2 weeks)

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Rough Diamond Marking

This course teaches you how to mark rough diamonds for polishing - recommended as further education after completion of the Rough Diamond Evaluation course (Duartion - 2 weeks)

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Polishing and Cutting

This course provides and develops the necessary skills of the student to a level where they will be capable of cutting and polishing a rough diamond to the finished product without supervision or assistance (Duration - 6 months)

The original and only Diamond Education College was established in 1996 and was the first institute in South Africa to offer full training in the Diamond Processing Industry to all South Africans.

The Diamond Education College is fully accredited by the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) and the Education & Training Qualification Authority (ETQA) as a service provider for the diamond industry. This ensures you receive quality training that is recognised by the educational authorities. Apart from our students receiving an internationally recognised certificate, the Diamond Education College also offers their students the opportunity to receive a National Qualification Certificate upon successful completion of the course studied. This certificate will be issued by the MQA.

We are certified in ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems by ALPHA.

The Diamond Education College is recognised by the South African Diamond and Precious Metal Regulator (SADPMR) - authority regulating Diamond trade in South Africa - as a training institute. You can always enquire at the SADPMR whether your diamond school will be able to deliver sufficient training needed to successfully operate in the Diamond industry.

In addition to its training facilities, the Diamond Education College was instrumental in defining the unit standards for evaluating proficiency in the various aspects of the diamond industry. Many of the educational manuals used for training in this sector were developed by the Diamond Education College.

Due to the quality of training provided by Diamond Education College, the college - is chosen as the preferred diamond school for Government Officials, State Diamond Valuators, Diamond Inspectors, Senior Officers of Diamond Mining companies, small scale diamond miners and diamond dealers from South Africa and other diamond sourcing countries , such as: DRC, Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Botswana, Cameroon etc.

During the training at Diamond Education College, students are making priceless contacts with key players in the diamond industry which is vital for their new business ventures and projects in the diamond industry.

Diamond Education College is proud to state that due to it's training processes and "open door" policy to our students, the college has facilitated numerous successful ventures between Diamond Education College students. Every year some of our most promising students are placed in very lucrative positions at well-known Diamond dealing companies both in South Africa and overseas. And even more students start their own Diamond dealing companies that are becoming very successful after completing our diamond courses.